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When we started to notice the growing dependency on computers at every workspace, the logical consequence was the combination of our own knowledge of translation and that of the world of computing.

Translation and interpretation studies and a very diverse knowledge in computer science merged into a tool we first searched on the market ourselves.
Theoretical approaches, years of academic research, many books about terminology and controversial discussions about how theory and practice could interact led to a software developed by translation experts for translation experts.

We believe that even the latest technology and up-to-date maschines can not replace the human brain when it comes to language transfer. Many times, the concepts are too complex to reduce them to the level of machine-readable language.

Therefore, our tool does not aim at people who seek to replace translators by computers. For those, however, who are looking for the best possible support from their computer, LookUp will fill the gap.

LookUp highly depends on you and your proficiency in language transfer.
If you enter your knowledge into the system you can focus on more important aspects than terminology when working on your next job.


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